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20 Free medical apps for healthcare professionals

1.      Medscape

2.      Micomedex

3.      NEJM

4.      Epocrates

5.      Free medical calculators

6.      Radiology 2.0

7.      Skyscape: RXDrugs and OCM (Outlines in Clinical Medicine)

8.      Living Medical Textbooks

9.      Medical Ratio

10.  Neuromind

11.  Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

12.  Harvard’s Public Health News App

13.  Radiopaedia – Radiology Teaching File – Lite

14.  Ahrq ePSS

15.  Dragon Medical Search

16.  Epocrates – calculators

17.  Med Page Today

18.  Doximity

19.  Crop Box

20.  3D Brain and Lose It


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